Our beautiful daughter Emersyn Paige passed away from SMA Type 1 on April 7th,2009 at the age of 7 months old. This blog is dedicated to her life, legacy and spirit and our journey as a family through grief.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Upsurge of Grief..........

Feeling the anxiety of Emersyn's Angel Date approaching in a few weeks already. Some people think it is just this day that is hard.....for us this day just magnifies a daily pain that we carry with us always. Yes we still love, laugh and feel happiness but it is a different lens by which we view these things....it will always go back to yearning for our child to be part of every step we take on this earth. Our new normal is weekly visits to Emersyn's grave.....does that sound normal to you? Losing our child still and always will take our breath away everyday and we hope people never get used to the idea that Emersyn is no longer with us. It makes us feel just as uncomfortable as it does to you to think about it for even a minute. We will only know the answers to our questions of "why OUR daughter" when the time comes for us to leave this earth but I have to say that no reason for her death will justify her being taken from this earth well before her time. I will not put a silver lining on this one and admitting that actually feels good.

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