Our beautiful daughter Emersyn Paige passed away from SMA Type 1 on April 7th,2009 at the age of 7 months old. This blog is dedicated to her life, legacy and spirit and our journey as a family through grief.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Captain R.Wilson Public School ~ Soccer Match for SMA!

Hi Everyone!

I want to send out a HUGE thank-you to all of the staff, students and parents in our CRW school community for helping to make today’s “Soccer Match for SMA” an extraordinary success! The amount of awareness about SMA that was created was phenomenal and to top it off more than $800 was raised for Emersyn’s Entourage for the 2010 Rebecca Run! Thanks to everyone’s support today Emersyn’s Entourage has now raised a whopping $9,100 towards a CURE for SMA and our school has helped to tip the scales.

Jason and I would like to send out a special thank-you to Abi Stupple and Jacklyn Stevenson for planning and organizing this awesome event. You guys did such an outstanding job of pulling everything together in such a creative, fun and organized way.

Thank-you to Sarah Swackhammer for sourcing out and ordering our eye catching red and black CURE SMA t-shirts they looked great. Thank-you to Sean Marks for coming back to the ship to help out the crew it was great to see you again.

Thank-you to Families of SMA for shipping us over 600 CURE SMA bracelets. It was amazing to see the entire school wearing their SMA bracelets with so much pride!

Another special thank-you to all of the staff and students who played in the game you guys were amazing and all of you gave 150% on the field and it really showed. We would also like to thank Laura Swanson for helping to bring back some former CRW students to play in the match who are now in high school that meant a lot to see them there. Thank-you to Drew and Christian for co-ordinating and coaching our fantastic student soccer team you guys were outstanding. The music really helped to pump up the crowd so thank-you to Scott for putting on such a great show. Nada, many thanks for co-ordinating the half-time show, the “cha-cha slide” was a big hit! A big thank-you to Alka and Sheilagh for all of your ongoing support it means the world to us. Many thanks to all of the staff, students and parents who came out today to watch the event and/or make a donation or buy a t-shirt for SMA we cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of your efforts!

We would like to say one more special thank-you to our daughter Emersyn, whose life, legacy and spirit continue to inspire and bring people together to do good things and remember what is important in life. As I was snapping photos during the game this morning two of the most beautiful dragon fly’s hovered over me long enough for me to take their picture. I do not believe in co-incidences any longer so let’s just say that Emersyn was there with all of us and wants you all to know how proud she is of everything all of you continue to do to honour her life, support our family in our grief journey and help to find a CURE for SMA. Once again, CRW has come together for Emersyn and SMA and once again it was a tremendous success and we are so very humbled, grateful and deeply touched by everyone’s love and support you are all AMAZING!

With so much appreciation and many thanks for a great day that I will never forget,Melanie,

Jason and our angel Emersyn Paige Klomp

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emersyn's Entourage~ Hall Family Book Sale for SMA Update!

Jason and I would like to send out a very heartfelt and special thank-you to the Hall family who organized the most amazing book sale this morning at their beautiful home in Newmarket! For weeks now they have been collecting, sorting and preparing all kinds of books and signs for the sale. Friends and family from the community have responded to their call for help by dropping off all of their gently used books to support Sondra and Nathan’s goal of raising more money for Emersyn’s Entourage for the 2010 Rebecca Run for SMA. Thank-you to all who donated books and came out today to support the cause!

A special thank-you to Sondra and her sister in law Dawn who were working hard all morning selling those books while sporting their “Emersyn’s Entourage” t-shirts! The rainy weather did not stop people from coming out and as a result a fantastic $180.00 was raised for our team! Jason and I could feel all of the hard work, creativity and dedication that went into planning this amazing morning and we were honoured to be there.

We hope the Hall family is relaxing for the rest of the weekend and feeling extremely proud of all of their hard work! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank-you and will always remember this special day. Here are some pictures that we took from the book sale!

Lots of love and many thanks Hall family for all that you do for our family and SMA!
Melanie, Jason and angel Emersyn xoxoxoxoo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emersyn's Entourage ~ Upcoming Events!

Hi Everyone!

We want to share some more amazing events that will be taking place to raise money for Emersyn’s Entourage for the 2010 Rebecca Run for SMA! These great fundraising ideas are blowing us away!

This Saturday, June 26th from 9am-12pm (rain or shine) in Newmarket, the wonderful Hall Family will be having a charity book sale for SMA! Sondra and her family have been working extremely hard organizing and preparing for this event. They have a fantastic selection of gently used books, with paper backs going for $2 and hard cover books going for $5. Please email us for the Hall family address if you would like to pop by for some book browsing this Saturday. Thank-you Hall Family and everyone who donated books you guys are AWESOME!

On Monday, June 28th from 8:45am-9:45 am Captain R. Wilson (the school I work at) is hosting the CRW Soccer Cup for SMA with all donations going towards Emersyn’s Entourage! The teachers will be playing our senior boys and girl’s soccer teams so this should be a great match! My grade one class is SO excited to cheer on all of the players! The teachers will be wearing team shirts that say “CURE SMA”. A special thank-you to Abi Stupple, Jacklyn Stevenson and Sarah Swackhammer for organizing this event and to all the staff, students and parents for all of your support!

Because of the success of Jen Irvine’s first Karma Yoga Class for SMA, Kula Yoga Studio in Burlington has decided to donate all proceeds from Saturday Karma classes in June to Emersyn’s Entourage! Thank-you Jen and Kula what a great idea! We appreciate all of your time and support! For more information on the Yoga Classes for SMA please go to www.mykulaburlington.ca/beyond-the-mat.php

Thank-you to everyone for all of your great ideas and fundraising efforts! We are deeply touched, honoured and grateful for everyone’s hard work and dedication to helping us find a CURE for SMA! Together we CAN do this!

Looking forward to sharing some pictures from these upcoming events!

Melanie, Jason and Emersyn Klomp

Emersyn's Entourage Fundraising Update!

Hello Everyone!

Here is the latest update on Emersyn’s Entourage for the upcoming Rebecca Run for SMA on July 10th! We are now at 130 members on Emersyn’s Entourage and so far our team has raised an INCREDIBLE $7,000!! We are hopeful that we will hit and exceed our team goal of $10,000! Way to go everyone you are awesome!! Please continue to visit Emersyn’s blog www.emersynpaige.blogspot.com for updates.

Just a reminder that if we hit our target of $10,000 that Jason Klomp, Nick Dean, Adam Gizzie, James Wilson and James Dunsmuir will shave their heads at the Rebecca Run and if we get 150 runners Steve Palmer and Dave Brannon will also shave their heads. Steve Palmer has to present to the Town of Milton Council the week following the Rebecca Run and would love nothing more than to have his head shaved for that presentation. So please ask anyone you know to register in the next week so we can make Mr. Palmer’s dreams come true!

As mentioned in our last update a number of events were scheduled for the month of June with all proceeds going towards Emersyn’s Entourage. On the weekend of June 11/12 “Tennis Everyone” hosted a tennis charity tournament at local community tennis clubs across Mississauga. A BIG thank you to Dean and Tanya Porcellato for doing such a wonderful job organizing the tournament and for all of your hard work, support and dedication in helping us find a CURE for SMA. The tournament raised an AMAZING $1,000! Thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament.

We would like to send out a HUGE thank-you to Michele Robinson, Bill Grant, Sharon Caruana, Greg Peddie, Vince Oliver and the rest of the Terry Miller Crew for organizing and hosting the “Emersyn’s Entourage Dodgeball Tournament”. The tournament took place on Thursday, June 17th at the Terry Miller Recreation Centre in Brampton. The event consisted of a BBQ, Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Flower Sale, DJ (thank you Eugene) and of course the Dodgeball Tournament. The event was a blast and raised an INCREDIBLE $1,785, which is absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the event please know your love and support means so much to us. Pictures coming soon. We look forward to seeing everyone at the run!

We would also like to say a special thank-you to a very special boy, Myles Adams who rolled his pennies for Emersyn to help find a CURE for SMA. Myles proudly came up to Jason after the tournament and presented him with a large bag of rolled pennies totalling $28.00, which he had been collecting for some time. Myles gave us some pictures of himself counting all of his pennies for SMA which we will cherish. Myles, to say we are touched and filled with appreciation is an understatement.

We would like to say one more thank-you to our beautiful daughter Emersyn whose spirit continues to bring out the best in people. We feel Emersyn’s life and spirit brings people together to not only create awareness and fundraise for SMA but to remind us of what is important in life. So to “Emersyn’s Entourage” and to everyone who is working so hard to help us honour Emersyn and save the lives of others with SMA we thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sincerely ~ Melanie, Jason and Emersyn Klomp

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yoga for SMA!

A huge thank-you to Jennifer Irvine and the Kula Yoga Studio for organizing this amazing event to raise money to CURE SMA in honour of our beautiful daughter Emersyn and all children affected by this horrible disease. Kula will be donating all of their proceeds from their Karma Classes for the month of June to Emersyn's Entourage for the 2010 Rebecca Run for SMA! For more information on the Karma Classes please go to http://www.mykulaburlington.ca/beyond-the-mat.php Jason and I cannot thank Jen and Kula enough for donating their time, hearts and energy to finding a CURE for SMA! We are so humbled, honoured and forever grateful for all of the amazing ideas like this one that people are putting into action to help find a CURE for SMA while at the same time helping us to honour Emersyn's life and spirit. A big thank-you to all who came out to participate in the class last Saturday in honour of such a vital cause! Check out the pictures from Saturday's class. Thank-you to Lisa Moffat (Jen's sister!) for taking such great pictures!