Our beautiful daughter Emersyn Paige passed away from SMA Type 1 on April 7th,2009 at the age of 7 months old. This blog is dedicated to her life, legacy and spirit and our journey as a family through grief.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talking Mommy Out of the Tree by Dedicating One

Emersyn always comes through to us just when we need it most.  I have been feeling pretty down this week and let's just say I think I need to take a break from doing certain online reading for a little while (I don't want to talk about the specifics because I am choosing not to focus on it anymore). So as she always does in the times when we need a little lift, perspective and reassurance that she is with us, our bright and brilliant Emersyn sent us a big "hello"! Thank-you Emersyn for "talking mommy out of the tree" with your wisdom and love even from the beyond.

So here is the story. On Thursday the mail carrier knocked on our door with an unexpected package addressed to "Miss Emersyn Paige Klomp" ( ahhhh.....music to my ears as a bereaved mom - my daughter's name in print and most importantly a loving reminder that she is still touching people's hearts ).  My heavy heart lifted as I opened the large envelope and read the words ~ "This is to certify that a tree has been dedicated at Crinan Woods in Scotland in honour of Emersyn Paige Klomp". Crinan Woods is known as the "Rain forest of Scotland", a truly beautiful place. As many of you know Scotland is a place very near and dear to my heart so this tribute was especially meaningful.

My parents were born and raised in Scotland, all of my "hearty" relatives live there and it's also a place of fond memories as ten years ago Jason and I spent some time visiting my family on our post grad/pre-kids European extravaganza! Since Jay was away in B.C. this week on business, as it happened my very Scottish parents were staying over to keep me company and help out with "wee Isla" as they call her (who is getting to be not so "wee" anymore) when I opened Emersyn's tree dedication and let's just say they were touched just as deeply as we were. Isla thought that it was pretty great too as she started clapping and laughing with her toofy grin when we opened it...she is such a funny girl and honestly so aware of Emersyn's spirit it's unreal. When Jay came home last night he was also totally blown away by this kind and loving tribute to our Emersyn, who Granny and Grandpa always refer to as their "wee fly face" which is in reference to just how smart, sly and fly Emersyn was and still is in her Angel magic.

This dedication has touched us so much and really helped to cheer me up!  The only problem is....... we don't know who to thank?!  This kind and wonderful person did not include their name only a beautiful Scottish Blessing. I totally respect if this special someone would prefer to remain anonymous but we sure would LOVE to thank-you personally for this very well timed and honoured gift for Emersyn! No pressure just trying to 'smoke you out' for some genuine appreciation!

And for everyone else here is a little piece of Crinan Woods...... where there is a tree growing tall and strong in honour of Emersyn and a magical place that we will be travelling to sometime in the future with our little "Island of Hope" ~

"And may the blessings of the rain be on you.... and leave there a shining pool where the blue of Heaven shines, and sometimes a star......".

A sincere thank-you to the special person who conspired with our star Emersyn to honour her, say "hello", and  "talk mommy out of the tree" by dedicating one ,

Love, many thanks and blessings for our Emersyn tree,
Melanie, Jason, Isla and Emersyn xoxoxo

To read more about the beautiful Crinan Woods and the Tree Dedication Program click here

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Rebecca Run for SMA - Emersyn's Entourage!

Dear Emersyn’s Entourage!

It’s that time of year again to gather your friends and family together and join us for the 2012 Rebecca Run for SMA. As you all know last year’s Rebecca Run for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) was another tremendous success with more than $165,000 being raised. The Rebecca Run has now raised more than $2 million for Families of SMA Canada - AMAZING! Emersyn’s Entourage was once again the biggest team with more than 100 registered. To those who attended the run and to those who could not attend but sponsored a runner, walker or roller we extend a huge thank you!

This year’s race is scheduled for Saturday, July 7, 2012 at Fairy Lake in Newmarket, Ontario. The race offers something for everyone: a 1km family walk/run/roll, 3km walk/run/roll or a 5km run/walk/roll beginning at 9 am. All proceeds from the event are donated to Families of SMA Canada. The early bird race fee is $35/person if you register prior to April 30th. To register for the race please visit www.rebeccarun.com.

All registrations received prior to Thursday, June 7th will receive a specialized technical t-shirt with our team name on it. When registering please indicate that you are a part of Emersyn’s Entourage and let us know so we can add your name to our team on her blog. Register early to avoid disappointment as spots fill up FAST!

The 2012 Rebecca Run includes a number of special features including:

• Our 2012 Race Honouree Stella Adele Bartlett, a beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. Please visit http://www.rebeccarun.com/stella.html to read more about this precious little girl and her amazing family!

• “Market Place” will be there again this year where exciting items will be sold with a portion of the proceeds going towards SMA research

• Complimentary barbeque, healthy snacks and refreshments before and after the race will be provided for all participants thanks to our generous event sponsors

• Check out the Rebecca Run Prize Incentive Fundraising Rewards at the following link! http://www.rebeccarun.com/fundraising.html

Our goal for 2012 is to once again register 100 walkers/runners/rollers on Emersyn’s Entourage and to raise as much money for our team as we can in her honour for SMA Research! Please visit Emersyn’s blog www.emersynpaige.blogspot.com for team updates! Everyone who attended last year’s race has shared with us how much they truly enjoyed the day.

SMA is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of two. 1 in 6,000 babies is born with SMA and 1 in 35 people carry this killer gene. SMA is just as common as Cystic Fibrosis but only has a fraction of the awareness. We NEED to change this! The Rebecca Run is a major event to affect change, raise money and awareness for a CURE for SMA.

Jason and I would like to thank everyone for your ongoing love and support in our quest for a CURE since losing our precious daughter Emersyn. This coming Saturday, April 7th, 2012 will mark three years since Emersyn’s life was taken at the age of 7 months from SMA Type 1. Her baby sister Isla who is now 9 months old will never get the chance to meet her big sister and because of SMA we will miss her and forever carry the pain of losing our daughter to this tragic disease. In honour of Emersyn’s 3rd Angel Date and in honour of all of our SMA Angels and Warriors we need your help to raise enough money to CURE SMA sooner than later. We hope to see you at the run!

Wishing you love, remembrance and hope,

Melanie, Jason, Isla and our Angel Emersyn

“Today I'm gonna try and change the world
Gonna take it one day at a time

I've made my resolution

I've opened up my eyes

Today I'm gonna try and change the world”

~ Johnny Reid ~

In honour of our dear daughter Emersyn Paige Klomp who passed away from SMA Type 1 on April 7th 2009, please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song by Johnny Reid titled “ Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World”.