Our beautiful daughter Emersyn Paige passed away from SMA Type 1 on April 7th,2009 at the age of 7 months old. This blog is dedicated to her life, legacy and spirit and our journey as a family through grief.

Emersyn's Entourage 2011

Emersyn's Entourage was formed in honour of our daughter Emersyn in 2009 in support of the Rebecca Run for SMA. In 2010 we had over 150 members on her team making for a very successful year at the run!  We are hoping to register more than 100 runners, walkers and rollers on her team for this years event for 2011!  Below are her team members to date:

1. Melanie Klomp ( Emersyn's Mom)
2. Jason Klomp (Emersyn's Dad)
3. Emersyn's Baby Sister on the Way! (due in June and hoping to make her debut at the run)
4. Erin Gizzie
5. Adam Gizzie
6.Patrick Dowds
7. Rita Dowds
8. Catherine Dowds
9. Fernando Blasco
10. Adam Blasco
11. Patrick Blasco
12. Kirsteen McCormick
13. Lisa Moffat
14. Douglas Moffat
15. Ella Moffat
16.Abi Stupple
17. Doug Stupple
18. Alisa Dykstra
19. Kath Nichols
20.Kyle Nichols
21. Alyssa Nichols
22. Deanna Clarke
23. Sondra Hall
24.Nate Hall
25.Becky Dean
26. Nick Dean
27. Skyeler Dean
28.Story Dean
29.Ashton Dean
30.Simon Dean
31.Wendy Dean
32. James Wilson
33.Brad Stoll
34.Suzanne Stoll
35.Kristene Scott
36. Steve Manganaro
37. Gillian Stupple
38. Grace Stupple
39. James Dunsmuir
40. Don Doan
41.Mike Greenfield
42.Allison Greenfield
43.Michael Kostoff
44. Peter Mumford
45.Steve Palmer
46.Jennifer Palmer
47.Jennifer Graham
48.Deborah Manduck
49. Dave Brannon
50.Richard Graham
51. Erika Kiersnowski
52. Maciej Kiersnowski
53. Carter Kiersnowski
54. Jackson Kiersnowski
55. Jennifer Irvine
56. Albert Greaves
57.Julian Hall
58. Nadia Tanel
59. James Lynd
60.Kate Watson
61. Sommer Petznick
62. Janelle Paul
63. Siena Petznick
64. Mark Petznick
65.Katherine Fleet
66.Megan Duponte
67.Nicole Duponte